DAVID BOWIE - Chilly Down Lyrics

When the sun goes down (when the sun goes down)And the bads are back again (and the bads are back)The brothers come'round (the brothers come'round)I get out of my dirty bed (my dirty bed)I shake my pretty little head (I shake my pretty little head)I tap my pretty little feet (I tap my pretty little feet)We're brighter than sunlightLaouder than thunderDancing like a yo-yo, woohDon't got no problems (no problems)Ain't got no suitcase (no suitcase)Ain't got no clothes to worry about (no clothes to worry about)Ain't got no real estate or jewelry or gold mines binding me, yeahI'll just through in my hand (through in his hand)In the chilliest bunch in the land (in the land)They don't look much (oh)They sure chilly chillyThey party till they glow glow, huh (oh)Chilly down with the fun gangThink small with the fun gangBang hips with the fun gangWhen you think it's wildChilly downChilly down with the fun gang (hey, I don't want a job)Act tall with the fun gang (woah, walk tall)Good times, bad food (yeah)When you think it's wildChilly down, chilly downWild and crazy, really lazy, high rollin', funky strolling, ball playingHips swaying, trouble making, boody shaking, dripping, passing, jumpingBouncing, brawling, stylin', creeping, pouncing, shouting, screamingDouble-dealing, rock-n-rolling, and oh reelingWith the max in sex appealCan you think I grew with feeling? So when things get too tough (get too tough)And your chin is dragging on the ground (dragging on the ground)And even down looks up (down looks up)Bad luckWe can show you a good time (show you a good time)And we don't judge nothing (nothing at all)Just strut your nasty stuffWiggle in the middle, yeahGet you down talking, fun gangChilly down with the fun gang (think small)Think small with the fun gang (bang)Bang hips with the fun gang (hey, listen up)When you think it's wildChilly downChilly down with the fun gang (ah, shake your pretty little head)Let's go with the fun gang (tap your pretty little feet)Good times, bad food (come on, come on)When you think it's wildChilly downChilly down with the fun gang (wooh)Think small with the fun gang (ha ha ha ha ha)Bang hips with the fun gang

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2012-03-22 08:53:39 by anonymous
This man can sing any kind of music and just leaves one feeling totally entranced. Amazing!!!