Tenchi Muyo!; No Need for Tenchi! - Alchemy of Love (English) Lyrics

Come to you across the divide
looking out a wrinkle in time
there is nothing less I would do
than to stand up for truth

In the cold dark ways
of this lonely place
I will warm you, hold you

*****A gold shield glistens
and your breath quickens
I stand close by over you

*Two hands held strong and sure with
the power of one
reach out past the walls
that can hold you

**We are guardians and warriors
come form somewhere to mind
what creates you and shapes
the Alchemy of Love

***There is a chain of light
out across the endless skies
and I see the energy that
relfects me in your eyes
and keeps us both alive
and keeps us both alive

Evening and the shadows will come
to destroy what we have done
but always will the power of love
shine a light bright as the sun

****When the cold dark waves on
the shores break
I am around you, found you
A gold sword fires and night expires
a long night surrounding you

* Repeat
** Repeat
*** Repeat
**** Repeat
***** Repeat
{Repeat * and ** twice}

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