LIL WAYNE - I'm A Beast Lyrics

Rappin is my hobby
My house has a lobby
My bitches act snobby, because i feed em thousands
i know that didnt rhyme but im only bein honest
You can't pay me in cash, now i'm only seein commas
I swear i got on SAKS fith boxers rite now
I'm trynna milk the game, as if the game wus a cow
I had a Eddie Bauer Expedition seven years ago
My grandmom used to tell me that she wear i been here before
I used to wear braids like Jason's Lyric wore
Spent a bundle on the cars cuz im spiritual
And i could neva pass a physical, i stay high
High as the voice of Akon
And make mine a straight wit no chase
Hold the ice, i got enough on any way
And when they see the boy, they hyperventilate
I got em runnin afta me like i'm about to win a race

Cuz I'm a beast, I'm a dog
Bitch I'm beast, Ho I'm a dog
Yea u know that I'm a beast, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, Ho I'm a dog

Look, neva entertain these suckas wit the hatin business
I'm on the yacht playin table tennis
Expensive linen
Women sinnin
I'm a arsonist on the beat
Blaze fire
Door closed in the booth
I feel like a caged lyin
Yea let me loose
Now let me get him
Cuz I aint goin back and forth like badmittin
No I will never drop the ball like badmittin
And I ain't bein conceited, I'm just admittin (bitch)
I flow cocky (bitch)
Got hand rythem (bitch)
I got this bitch on lock like San Quentin
I'm tough daddy (yezzir)
Whas poppin gangsta (huh?)
I'm trynna keep my pockets like opera singas
So sharp, if you touch me, I chop ya fingas
I'm on top of the game like helicopter angles
I see you niggas
I hope ya havin fun
I hope ya have a gun
This shit is crazy
This little baby
I'm here to take it
And it's lookin vacant

(chorus x2)

Ok, now i'ma go off on them
At first I was goin soft on them
But now it's time to go hard
Bust n bang and bogard
Take a shit on yo yar
Take a piss on yo frog
Make a list of ya boys
And go n murda them all
Life is short
Yea a midget told me that
And I always thought i was fly
Like i had a pigeon on my back
But I got decisions on my back
Vision on my back
Try to run up on me I got precison with that gat
I don't rat-tat-tat-tat-tat
All I gotta do is tat
Then I hit my target
Like a fucking dart mat
My address is cloud nine
Seek and you shall find
Wheezy on the grind
I'm bout my frankinsteins
You know me yea, from my Lincolns to my Franklins
See I made that money stretch and connect like a anklet
Keep them bitches runnin in and out my house like a banquet
And I dont even speak their language
And if the bitch boyfriend get angry
Then my nigga turn around and tell his whole clique FUCK THAT NIGGA, PUSSY ASS NIGGA, FUCK THAT NIGGA

(chorus x2)

Thanks to Nisha

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