Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Playing The Game Lyrics

Playing... the game... What can I say?

Why you always trippin on my ways when you know that I'm a thug? Gotta let you know what's up
You pushin me to say 'Fuck you'
I'm not a boy, bitch I'm a grown man, gon' plan, pay attention to what the song sayin
See I met this girl the other day
She tryed to play Kray like a sucker captain 'Save em all'
She was real fly, real cute, real thick
Big lips, pushin a real I'll whip
Said she just broke up with her boyfriend (Boyfriend)
But ain't nobody ask you about your boyfriend (Your boyfriend)
I mean the whole time, home girl was talkin to me man her eyes was on my diamonds
Nuttin pass me, so she could see what I was drivin

She tried to run game on me (On me)
But I'm a run game on you
And I'm a keep playing the game
Playing, playing the game... playing... what can I say?...

Gigolos get low, for this popcorn love (Popcorn)
This alligator women meetin me at the club
She got some tricks up her sleeves
Baby you messin with The Bum
I'm off that one fifty one
Trick you tryna play the wrong one

See I travelled around the world seen the baddest of the baddest chicks
But it was one inparticular man I had to get it
And man, I must admit it, I was hard on site
The type of girl that'll leave you scarred for life
But not me, I had a plan cause she was diggin the fame
So I approached her like a playa with ridiculous game
She had one, two, three, four friends with her
I got to sittin back thinkin what could really occur
I gotta limo outside and the driver just waitin
All five lookin good, chickens hotter than satan
I'm a get em in my bed
Wake up, cook me some eggs
I got two, four, six, eight, ten pair of legs
I'm playin...

Baby girl said she like em thick
She ain't seen me in a while, 'Where you hidin Wish? '
I been kickin it on the low, get my street game tight
Cause everybody know your gonna hustle unless your eatin twice
Yup, enough about me what about you? Said her dude was good for twenty-two but he left her coupe
Now we off to her crib cause she want The Wish to do the nasty things that he deals, let's roll
Dicked her down and I noticed somethin (Shh...)
Hit the closet and the safe was open
I'm a hustla so I had to get her
She was slippin so I had to hit her, ya know?


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