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Downhere - Story In The Making Lyrics

Have you ever seen what lightning can do?
In a moment send your world for a loop
Leave your body trembling
Fingertips are tingling…

But I saw you come from miles away
In the faces that I saw each day
It’s kind of like I knew you
Long before I had a clue

That’s more how it happened for me and you
The years that we’re taking are slow and true
That’s more like it happened for me and you
We’re a story in the making
A story in the making

I remember a kid who came alive
In October 1985
Well, highs and lows did follow
And you never left him hollow
Just like you promised from very start
You said, “Nothing could tear us apart”

Carry on to the other side
I couldn’t make it on my own if I tried
You’ll decide when it’s time to go
It’s never over till you say so

I don’t worry bout the dénouement
Cuz you here now is all I want


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