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Lloyd Banks - The Work Out Pt. 4 Lyrics

Ah you bitch ass niggas! Y'all niggas love talkin'...
I just smile on my dude! Y'all can catch me...

... on the top of the newboard this summer!
Yeeaah nigga! Punchline kid is back!

Yeah! - Go get ya camera man! (yeah!) - That's a Lambo' fam. (yeah!)
Gun in the safe, the same one from Rambo hand.
I got a pack of? - You know whatever chedda! (huuh?)
Flyin' my New York hoe in - cause her head is better. (uh!) {COME ON! }
I said I'd never sweat her (nah!) - well I guess I lied (lied!)
She suck the ghost outta a nigga and I'm petrified. (uh!)
You niggas nuthin' but roaches - hit the pesticide
I spray lil', you roll around {GOD-... } in ya neck and die.
I'm the nicest out.
Look at the ring you hear the price and pout - every 16th I ice 'em out. (bling!) {Whoooo! }
50 sold 11 mill' brought Tyson house (uh!)
And mine to, cross dude and the knife come out.
I can't wait to see you bricks on the sidestretch,
Bunch a holes in ya like the bricks
Kefflon whips rubber grips for the nonsense,
Conscience - of the consequences, abnoxious. ('Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyy!) {YO! }
And we can ride all night;
Somebody might come get 'em. - tie his bandana on too tight. (uh!) {Whoooo! }
You can book 'em short notice, I'm a sell out in the night
The car won't get me there - but the helicopter might. (yeah!) {COME ON! }
I bring all the toys out let the clip go shit
The whip so new - even the bird shit don't stick. (whoooo!) {HAHA! }
I got a hell of a system sound travel 3 blocks (yeaah?)
Bulletproof doors and all you can eat tops. (uh!)
Runnin' out to me, {Whoooo! }
I only need the funerals I button all you niggas up like Jay-Z.
I smoke for free when I'm out in DC {DAMN! }
VVS's is in my ear - clearer than HD. {GET BACK! }
I don't know why he walk around with my logo he ain't me (ain't me!)
Braggin' 'bout the millions of dollars you ain't see. (ain't see!)
Gimme ammo in a jammy!
2 cribs, that's why I ship the Lambo' in Miami. {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
Please, ain't tryin' to be in a jam over the panties (uh-uh!)
They love 'em when I leave 'em for the very same reason. (Lenna!) {HAHA! }
One nigga started. - A couple niggas followed
Now they all can't eat like the Next Top Model (Top Model!)
New York City boy but they love me in Chicago (RUN!)
A lil more in Philly from here to Atlantic City. (yeeah!) {MONEY WRONG! }
I flip flop smokin' around, 6 drop cruisin' the town. (yeeah!)
6 shot ruger the pound with Hip-Hop screwin' {Whoooooo! } them now. (yeeah!)
Nah I don't give a fuck Joe Pesci flow (uh!)
Might win another Vibe award if they let me go. (lemme go!)
I'm like royalty a muthafuckin' king (haha!)
When I move she move! - Like a puppet on a string. {SHA MONEY! }
50 karats on the bracelet a couple on the ring. (yeah!)
My treasure chest is a mess, a bucket full of bling. (yeah!)
I'm the P cut boy I tuck 'em in the whole piece
You mutherfuckas is lucky, I don't wear gold teeth! {COME ON! }

I hear alot of talkin' these niggas they mad at Bank$
I bet they'll keep on talkin', after this shot they be tellin' the chicks. {HAHA! }
My niggas they get it poppin' find-out {CAN'T FORGET... } when we at ya wake {JESSIE! }
You and you in your coffin, damn you {PAULYNNE! } made a big mistake.

It's 50 nigga!
Y'all niggas know whassup!
Lloyd Bank$!
The changin' of the cards! {HAHA! }
I'll be back nigga... I'll just fall back!
Feel what I'm sayin'?
It's Bank$ turn nigga!
Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! {HAHA! }
That's the money machine!
Boop, boop, boop!
You hear that?... That's the money truck backin' up! {HAHA! }
It's Lloyd Bank$ nigga!
You should already know? !
You gonna eat with the Unit...
Or you gonna eat a can of sardines!
Haha! {DAMN! }


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