Ari Koivunen - STORMWIND Lyrics

No-one knows where she came from
on the night of rain and storm
They found a sleeping girl down by the shore
They never tamed this trouble-child
She grew up, and she grew wild
She seems to be searching for something more,
something worth dying for
Her name is Stormwind
She's the daughter of the raging sea
Every night you hear her lonely song
From across the bay
Her heart is trembling
Like a leaf from a maple tree
Wait it fall in the autumn rain
Wait it to fly away,
Fly away
Her whisper's like a summer breeze
When she cries the rivers freeze
No-one has ever reached her restless soul
You may try to break her will
To tie her down and keep her still
But in the end you'll just break away
She likes to go alone
Through the rain
Through the blazing sun
Hide your pain from each and everyone
Through the summer
Through the fields of storm
No-one will ever know
Her name is Stormwind...

Thanks to JonnA

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