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Papoose - Gangsta Around Your Way Lyrics

What's goin' on party people, gangstas, gangstresses, and skee-holes
I know y'all feeling my lingo, this just a throwaway record, not the single
Your favorite rapper, even he know, but he don't wanna give it up, he got a ego
He ain't hot on the streets though, I came to take what he got like the repo
See every hood got a Deebo, back niggas down while they playing cee-lo
Some niggas try to play hero, but they scared to death of him on the lee-low
They say they can't wait till he go, but when he died, they cried R.I.P. yo
If you feelin' what I mean though, grip your fuckin' Desert Eagles

You ever had a gangsta around your way
Tellin' niggas they can't hustle unless they pay
He used to stick up all the weed spots
He got chased by the beat cops
You heard shots he was to blame
Man they used to curse his name, but when that boy died it rained
You ever had a gangsta around your way
Walk up to the dice game, niggas scared to play
He used to stick up all the crack spots
He got chased by the black cops
You heard shots he was to blame
Man they used to curse his name, but when that boy died it rained

Front on Saratoga, you won't make it to Howard
Don't come around here with that, we don't allow it
While I'm in the crib telling my girl to iron my outfit
Niggas outside bustin' shots like they 'bout it
I can't tell you how many shots, I couldn't count it
But I could tell it was somethin' big the way it sounded
I dried myself off with a towel after I showered
Came outside with the hammer, no doubt about it
This nigga layed out, the people had him surrounded
"Call a ambulance, I'm shot", that's what he shouted
Niggas making my hood hot, they gon' get outed
If they was lookin' for some drama they just found it
They say he a powerful man, but he a coward
He think he powerful but he 'bout to get overpowered
Yea I know his crew roll deep, I wouldn't doubt it
To me that only mean his funeral gon' get crowded

I see a lot of new faces, tell them niggas to clear it out
Walkin' through 'em, I ain't talkin' to 'em, I air 'em out
Shake a nigga hand, if he a fan, I hear him out
Stand in my stance, if he take a chance, I wear 'em out
You said you know kid and I went in your man mouth
Keep it to yourself, I don't care what you care about
Niggas play tough but at time it pan out
Got a lot of rocks in my watch - it stand out
So fly, man I even iced my band out
I'm flyer than the cars that the promoter hand out
But that's another subject, it's a upset
See your homie suffer, you wonder who gon' get touched next
I handle my own drama, niggas is suspect
Watch you get shot, they stand there with the rubber neck
Touch one of mines, I leave a motherfucker wet
This for the G's who died, much respect

Yeah, it rained when my homie Mel Greene died
It rained when the god Ball True died
It rained when my homie Ran-Ran died
It rained when that nigga Ike Polo died
It rained when the god Allah died
Yeah, all my homies who went back to the essence... gone but not forgotten
The list goes on... Told y'all I was gon' make it... Thug-A-Cation


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