The Second Grace - Like A Juliet Lyrics

Now it goes like this, and if this isnÂ’t clear
Well, I want you to leave, ok?
AinÂ’t no worse than that, so if I am not rude
Can you make it like Jude?
Well I see itÂ’s not up to you
The creation of this harmony
You donÂ’t even know the words
It takes to say that as long as youÂ’ve been
Loving like a Juliet, I was always there

Yes, for real, my dear, you canÂ’t just set my rear/
View mirror, I fear
No more all-time enemies like Perseus and Medusa
Just ‘cause I chose ya
I could never see without you
The ghost of this elegy
ThatÂ’s exactly what I meant when
I said “lend your eyes to me”
Staring like a Juliet at Romeo who sings

“Well, we’re quite the same” you said and I nodded
Hoping itÂ’d be what I thought
That night we were in your car, you said IÂ’ll be what you are
I said beware of that car
But the sun had already shown up
Tired of hearing your black prophecy
What had never appeared in your ball
Was that youÂ’d never changed me for real
Acting like a Juliet, spilling her tears

And if you stop biting these words
Made of sparkling unowned jealousy
You could even show me
All the beauty you want me to see
SoundinÂ’ like a Juliet dying in rhymes

Oh, but look, there is no Romeo dying...

Thanks to Ray

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