John Nathaniel - Down To You Lyrics

So you told me
What it's like to be
Far away
And you've shown me
What's it's like to see
The way

Only you
Can stop the clock
Can break the lock
For good and then you see right
Through me
Through everything
And then I'll feel

Completely delirious
This love is just all over me
And when I'm running down to you I am
Strange and contagious
This love is just all I can see
And when I'm running down to you I am lost

Something's changed me
Something's made me see
Right above
When you touch me
Yeah you set me free
From this love

Just so lost, within your thoughts, within your mind
In between the world and you, yeah I stand behind
And wait for you
Nothing could change, nothing could hold me back from this love

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