Every Second Counts - El Mundo Loco Lyrics

For so long I waited blindly for things to go my way, but I never gave the effort until now. A true victim of circumstance I took things as they came, and blamed the world when things didn't work out. And yeah, the world can be a fucked up place, and everyone's so quick to place the blame. And yeah, the world is such a fucked up place, but it's up to you and me to make that change. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow; all I can do is plan, and do my best to build the life I want. Keep my focus clear, take control the best I can, appreciate the simple thing's I've got. I know at times the world seems like it's caving in and everyone is losing their minds. Just don't lose sight of the things that you want, take everything one day at a time. Sometimes it's hard to see the reasons behind things turning out like they did. Just never expect any more out of life than what you're willing to give


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