Blood On The Dance Floor - Bitches get stitches Lyrics

Stop the hate, congratulate
You know my name, so eat some cake
Party hardy, grab Bacardi
Talk your shit, watch you get hit
Save the drama for your mama
What's up with that awful gossip?
Don't be mad 'cause my hair is so rad
Life is good up in my hood

Bitches get stitches, they end up in ditches, so get the riches
Bitches get stitches, end up in ditches, get the riches (x2)

Check yourself before you wreck yourself
Oh my god, blah blah blah
I'm rated X for explicit sex
You can talk your shit
You can run those lips
You're only making me famous, you Ignoramus
I'm so dangerous, so-so-so-so dangerous


You can talk your shit, you're only making me famous (x4)

(Chorus + "You can talk you shit, you're only making me famous" together) (x8)

Thanks to Tia and kate.

Thanks to Jacole Razorblade for these lyrics

Thanks to TIffani for these lyrics

Thanks to Kimberly for these lyrics

Thanks to Madeleine for correcting these lyrics

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