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Papoose - Law Library (Part 5) Lyrics

The Law Library Saga Now Continues
I Promised Y'all The Continuation
Article 4.90 Terrorism

Imagine bein on the 81st floor, with a fire inside
An open window is your only way to survive
For those who jumpped out of the Twin Towers and died
Welcome to Law Library Part 5

Take these bars and play'em for each and every
Widow of a soldier who died is nessesary
When will we see the land of the free, nevuarry
So where is the home of the brave, the cemetary
Happy New Year's, I hope your christmas was merry
I'd like to welcome you to my Law Library

It's wicked, it's exorcism
Where are the terrorist?
Are they locked in prison
Or are they in the government in different positions?
Are they the suicide bombers or the polititions?
Did the Twin Towers fall cause the planes hit'em
Or did they collapse cause of control demolition?
Witnesses heared an explosion blast off
They say found some torn out Saquamies Passport
9/11 was catatrophic
How could they find the passport
But not find none of the black boxes
Weeks in advance the owner of the 2nd Tower
Took out an insurence policy for billions of dollars
Why would they let innocent people get devouered
So they can step in and play some hero of ours
Good guy, bad guy, they kanivers
Now they can take, do, say what they want
Bush did it for power
Too many lies, now it's revealed that they snakes
So the United States
Gotta save face
And what better way to restore then peoples fate?
Obama and Hilary In a Presidential Race
Some say this is our time to rule
First black president, powerful move
Barak Obama could change the complection
Of the white house
But can he change the direction?
That's what I doubt?
Why did they assasinate Benazil Buno?
Was that a warning shot at Hilary? Who knows
A terrorist person influence conduct of a unit
Or government by intimidation or coherse
And if you threaten a civilian population
To commit
Or cause to be commited a specified offense
Cause intimidation or fear of incomission
Wheather you had the capabilities or you didn't
You can still be sentence, of such offense
That's a D felony, u made a terrorist threat
Cause conduct of a unit and government to happen
By murder, assasination, or kidnappin
So whose to blame for all the hi-jakin?
Al Queda, George Bush, or Bin-Ladin?
The government tryin to find out, who bombed Manhattan
Take a look straight in the mirror, your lookin at'em
The home land security, the patriot act
Look at Afganastan, the war in Iraq
What's the next chapter in my glossary?
Article 1.60 robbery
Law Library


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