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Lloyd Banks - All Mighty U.N.I.T. Lyrics

G-Unit man yea yea that's my gang
And every nigga out here representin gang
G-unit man yea yea that's my gang
We are not 2 be play with

You know how I do it
I represent the untouchable Unit
The G-G-G- boys man slaughter on music
Look in to my eyes you'll see the fire that's behind em
Then think of a slice diamond that's kind of how I'm shinin
Right drive right timin'
Relax & recline them
They ask 2 rewind them
U rap from behind them
The world is a big pussy my gat is my condom
Jet black move to lacs when they find them
I'm all about my pay roll
So move when I say so
I get my mines from day come to day go
I get high & stay low
What up Banks hey hoe
U want me now but didn't want me in the day though
Hey Yayo give these nigga the gas face
And if they say somethin show em how the mag taste
That'll spin a nigga around like his back breaks
Leave in the drag race in other words fast-paced
Cliffhanger that's kind of how I climb
Love and hated 2 powers that combined
Lil' lady try to play me fuckin with my mind
I took her hit her in the morning and tell the bitch to stop lying


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