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Lloyd Banks - Gang Green Season Lyrics

This is...
"Mo Money In The Bank"! (Yeah!)
"Gang Green Season... (uh!) starts... (yeah!) NOW! "

You blood on way, {DAMN! } I don't step right (uh!) - step up to you playin' hit
Walk up to yo' facin' spit;
I'm a dog! - The hell on tha relationship!
Feel like if I makin' commandment {GOD-... } - I be wastin' shit! {DAMN! }
You can call me watchu wanna, I could first stunna! (stunna!)
This is a spur brother - blue firm unda. (yes!)
And this my four of summa (yes!) - I've could in tanktop!
It's cherry-red, Marijuana green and cool king drops. (YEAH!) {DAMN! }
This where the game stops
I'm from the value'll get your carjack, chain pop - all over the same block.
You know my name, I Lloyd Fled thanks a blue!
Over 2 million records, so THANKS TO YOU! (thank you!) {NONE STOP! }
You know a gangstas don't move will quiet light,
Just the keys the shit shake, cause "Somebody Gon' Die Tonight"!
Oops! - You can catch me in a Buck and a match of Lambs, (yeah!)
No bitch stack of money, just PLASTIC THING! {DAMN! }

See this right here?
Is that... G-Unit soooouuuund?
You know how G-Unit get down!
My album...
You think that up!
Fly eight teeth!
"Rotten Apple"...
'Ey New York!...
I'm gone!


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