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RADIOSBORO - We Are The World Lyrics

Der comes a taim uen ue nid a certain cool
Ven de vorld must com tugheder as one
Der ar pipe diing
End is taim tu lend a ad-life
De grites gift o al ui can to de pretendin bai dai
Ui can goon pritanding diai bai dai
Dat samuone, sameuere uil son mache a cangie
Uere oll partz of gods grit big femili
End de truf, iu cnol, lov is oll ui need
Vi are de ware, vi ar de children
Ve are de o-anes u mache a braghdei
So letz start given
Der a cioicie ver maching
Ver saving or o laivs
Is true ve mache better dai
Giast iu and me

Ahhh, senden ior ar
So uill no someuane cares
End der lives uill be stronger end free
As god a sno es turnin is turnin ston to bred
So ui all must lerd a elping a-and
Ve are de word, ve are the cildren
Ve are the ones to mache a brinten dai
So letz start givin
Dere cioice ver maching
Ver saving or on lives
Itz troe ui mache a bater deis
Giast iu and me
Ver iu sor an out der sem de ot en ool
Bat if iu giast beliv des is no uai ui con fool
Le, le, le, le les as realise dat a ciange uil onli come
Uen ui stand ciogheder ass one
Ve are de vorld, ve are de children
Ve are de ones to mache a brighedain
So letz start givin
Der a cioses uer machin
Ver savin or oh lives
Is it tru tu mache a badaradaradai
Giast iu and mi

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