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Waking The Cadaver - Pigtails Are For Face Fucking Lyrics

Forced deep into the separated cranium of a crusty used up slut: my gigantic rod.
Swollen member penetrating her now empty eye sockets, and all other holes are to be filled.
Crushing and fucking pulverized brain tissue with a still moist tongue caressing my sack.
The bitch never saw that one comin.
She tried to scream, she tried to fight.
But I plugged her throat.
With my ten inch pipe.
She choked and gagged and punched for mercy.
But this whore should ave known better.
I busted out my trusty blade.
and removed her skull from her twitching body.
Now theres silence and the bitch is dead.
Finally I can fuck some face in peace and quiet

Thanks to Anna

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