Tellers, The - Hugo Lyrics

Hugo the spider put his hat on,
Stole four pairs of shoes,
And left the attic and his mom,
He's fooling around with a bumblebee,
Talking about love for two pounds twenty,

Hugo come back, Hugo come back,
Love is a trap, love is a trap,
Hugo come back oh Hugo come back,
Oh Hugo come back listen to your friends,
Love is always a trap, in the end,

Hugo the spider lost in the city,
Nothing to eat and his bag is too heavy,
Full of disillusion Hugo fell asleep,
And got crushed by a bike's white wheel,

Hugo you are not one of those fools,
I beg you please don't follow their rules,
Hugo I beg you please come back,
To me 'cause love is a trap,

Hugo's mother put her hat on spat on every girl,
And said goodbye to her beloved son,

Hugo's not back, Hugo's not back,
That was a trap, that was a trap,
Hugo's not back, Hugo's not back,
That was a trap, ain't it,
Hugo's not back, no doubt it's the end,
That was a trap again.

Thanks to mac for these lyrics

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