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Fergie - Clumsy (Collipark Remix) Lyrics

You know you been on ma mind yeah
It's like I can't stop thinking about you
Whenever I'm around you I get clumsy that's right
But what about now

Fergie Ferg!
Soulja Boy!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let's go!

First time
That I saw your eyes
Boy you looked right through me, mmmhmm
Play it cool
But I knew you knew
That cupid hit me, mmm mmm

You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling
Clumsy cause I'm falling in love
You got me slipping, tumbling, sinking, fumbling
Clumsy cause I'm falling in love
So in love with you

Oh Babe, Oh Babe, Oh Babe

Can't breath
When you touch my sleeve
Butterflies so crazy, mmm mmm
Whoa now, think I'm going down
Friends don't know what's with me, mmm mmm

King of the south, keep it supa fresh
Still iced out, girls be screaming,
Hatas wanna do me
I'm in da chevy, the same color as dookie
Still be da same man, still got game plan
Soulja boy tellem ya'll still know the name man
It's like You'll You'll
I'm up in dis ooooooo
Dis a b money game we up in dis ooooooooooohhhh
I'm a trend setta stunna shade like woah
Rubbabands on ma neck got dem lookin like gold
I got it on lock erbody should know
I'm crankin ma field with da brand knew clothes
Girls be lookin like da da da da daaaa da
But we still on da phine like da da da da daaaa da

Thanks to preston for these lyrics

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