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Farewell - Cut You A New Smile Lyrics

If you keep running your mouth
I'm gonna cut you a new smile
Bring those teeth to the front
So I can knock 'em out, knock 'em out

Gimme a break
this is the schoolyard shit you all know
grow, another weak attept to waste my time
so ante up, and call my bluff
or put the cigarette down and hop the first train out of town

Cause I'm done trying to shake you
I'm dying to take you down
you know i'd love to make you cause more than a mess this time

This is a common affair I tried to let go
Was even willing to erase this time
So knuckle up, I'm gonna leave you face down
I've had enough, yeah that'll teach you not to mess around

Yeah, my father tried to tell me
That there are bigger things to worry about
No, there's not a decent explanation
For this altercation
Bottom line, you wear me out


You can't shut me up
Another victim of the childhood runaround
You can't shut us down

Come on and gimme a break, I'm gonna take you down

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