DREAM THEATER - Wait For Sleep Lyrics

Standing by the windowEyes upon the moonHoping that the memory will leave her spirit aloneShe shuts the doors and lightsAnd lays her body on the bedWhere images and words are running deepShe has too much pride to pull the sheets above her headSo quietly the lays and waits for sleepShe stares at the ceilingAnd tries not to thinkAnd pictures the chainShe's been trying to link againBut the feeling is goneAnd water can't cover her memoryAnd ashes can't answer her painGod giveme the power to take breath from a breezeAnd call life from a cold metal frameIn with the ashesOr up with the smoke from the fireWith wings up in heavenOr here, lying in bedPalm of her hand to my headNow and forever curled in my heartAnd the heart of the world

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