DREAM THEATER - Through Her Eyes Lyrics

Music my dream theaterLyrics by john petrucciNicholas:She never really had a chanceOn that fateful moonlit nightSacrificed without a fightA victim of her circumstanceNow that I've become awareAnd I've exposed this tragedyA sadness grows inside of meIt all seems so unfairI'm learning all about my lifeBy looking through her eyesJust beyond the churchyard gatesWhere the grass is overgrownI saw the writing on her stoneI felt like I would suffocateInloving memory of our childSo innocent, eyes open wideI felt so empty as I criedLike part of me had diedI'm learning all about my lifeBy looking through her eyesAnd as her imageWandered through my headI wept just like a babyAs I lay awake in bedAnd I know what it's likeTo lose someone you loveAnd this felt just the sameShe wasn't given any choiceDesperation stole her voiceI've been given so much more in lifeI've got a son, I've got a wifeI had to suffer one last timeTo grieve for her and say goodbyeRelive the anguish of my pastTo find out who I was at lastThe door has opened wideI'm turning with the tideLooking through her eyes

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