Music by dream theaterLyrics by mike portnoyThe sleeper:Shine- lake of fireLines take me higherMy mind drips desireConfined and overtiredLiving this charadeIs getting me nowhereI can't shake this charadeThe city's cold blood calls me homeHomeit's what I long forBack homewhere I belongThe city- it calls to meDecadent scenes from my memorySorrow- eternityMy demons are coming to drown meHelp- I'm falling, I'm crawlingI can't keep away from it's clutchCan't have it, this habitIt's calling me back to my homeThe miracle:I remember the first time she came to mePoured her soul out all night and criedI remember I was told there's a new love that's bornFor each one that has diedI never thought that iCould carry on with this lifeBut I can't resist myselfNo matter how hard I tryLiving their other lifeIs getting them nowhereI'll make her my wifeHer sweet temptation calls me homeHomeit's what I long forMy homewhere she belongsHer ecstasy- means so much to meEven decieving my own bloodVictoria watches and thoughtfully smilesShe's taking me to my homeHelp- he's my brother, but I love herI can't keep away from her touchDeception, dishonorIt's calling me back to my homeNicholas:Her story- it holds the keyUnlocking dreams from my memorySolving this mysteryIs everything that is a part of meHelp- regression, obsessionI can't keep away from her touchLeave no doubt, to find outIt's calling me back to my home

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