DREAM THEATER - A Vision Lyrics

- kevin mooreHeavenA place within your eyesForever I wearThis second hand disguiseIn time to find your worldThis lifetime disappearsYes we understandIn space but not in timeMy guardian is hereI can't understandImagine wanting nothing moreThe angel you've been sending forNow just don't turn away...DreamerReaching in and finding outA visionI must capture it somehowThe first lightThat cast a spell to later cryWill always remainThis force of lifeIt's power in a look of fireWas calling your nameDon't you feel it? Yes, believe itIt's time to set emotions straightThis space is wasting a dreamAnd it can't wait[chorus:]Here I amCross this bridge and come my wayThe answer to a prayerA light for us to shareIn all our glorySomedayWe will hold our lives as oneAnd I will carry youUntil our kingdom comeCan't you hear me? DisbeliefIs why the spirit falls belowOne to oneIs all the faith one needs to growThis tension I feelIs it really fair? One of you will have to leave hereThese words will break the lineThat ties our worlds togetherAnd I will never goRemember having dreams to share? We've been taught to hide our fearBut now you can't turn away...

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