DEPECHE MODE - Somebody Lyrics

I want somebody to shareShare the rest of my lifeShare my innermost thoughtsKnow my intimate detailsSomeone who'll stand by my sideAnd give me supportAnd in returnShe'll get my supportShe will listen to meWhen I want to speakAbout the world we live inAnd life in generalThough my views may be wrongThey may even be pervertedShe'll hear me outAnd won't easily be convertedTo my way of thinkingIn fact she'll often disagreeBut at the end of it allShe will understand meAaaahhhhh....I want somebody who caresFor me passionatelyWith every thought andWith every breathSomeone who'll help me see thingsIn a different lightAll the things I detestI will almost likeI don't want to be tiedTo anyone's stringsI'm carefully trying to steer clear ofThose thingsBut when I'm asleepI want somebodyWho will put their arms around meAnd kiss me tenderlyThough things like thisMake me sickIn a case like thisI'll get away with itAaaahhhhh....

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