5/4 TAKEPOD - Wash My Blood

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wash my blood of agony

proof of my virginity

wash my blood of insanity

sacrifice of maiden head for you

extacy rise from cruel sin

we never invite man in us

desire just to feel your heat

we never know our conception

inside the dress tears streaming down to feet

the scar you made cries everytime I imagine you

¦feel the darkness of the b****'s hole

sweet like a hot chocolate

smells awfull like cesspool

sparkling bright like a diamond ring

I give you everything

proof of my virginity

sacrifice of maiden head for you

wash my blood

embryos know the scarlet sea

they never see the sky above

existence just to be a life

they never know my shameful mind

inside the cradle baby goes to grave

the life I killed cries everymonth I kill one more

feel the deadly sin of b****'s hole

red like a guillotine blade

black like a humanity thought

white like a rotten egg of frog

I kill you everytime

soul of innocent child

divide your purity for me

wash my blood


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