Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Sweet Jane Lyrics

Mmmmmmm Sweet Jane, Jane, Jane, Jane
I'm so in love with you Sweet Jane, Jane, Jane
Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary
I'm so in love with you Sweet Jane, Jane, Jane

I never, knew love like this before, before, before
I said I never, knew love like this befoooooore
She, relaxes my mind – keeps me tired all day and night
Damn near feel like I'm fly, high
And I can't come down, don't wanna come down
Don't need to come down, down
Ooh, ooh; I'm feelin so cool, cool
Cause that's what you do, do
Sweet Jane, I'm so into you (I'm so into you)
Can't nobody tell me nothin that'll make me stop messin with you
They keep tellin me you're bad for me, it just ain't true
Believe me (believe me)
Baby I don't believe it, as long I'm with you Jane

It's such a beautiful thang when I'm just sittin back smokin
No time to worry 'bout thangs cause Mary Jane got me chokin
And I like this, feelin
Light it up and smoke one, feel me
I like to smoke it when I'm rollin, blaze it up when I'm drunk
I like to smoke it in the mornin, blaze it up when I fuck
Yeah, this is what she does for me
Ain't tryin to tell you but to me she's love-ly
She let's me know when niggaz fucked up
Don't fuck with'chu, don't fuck with'chu
Even when the road gets tough, smoke another one
Think it through, you can think it through
And I know we got a lot of people goin through it
But talk of Mary Jane, she can sho' help you through it (this is America!)
And she, does ease the pain (pain)
But you gotta take, her, to the brain (hey, hey)

I told you before that nigga I would never stop my fiendin
All I be needin is sticky green man
When I be ridin I'm smokin and leanin, you ain't comprehendin that meanin
About the sticky, the sticky, the green leaves, leaves, leaves
Nigga you keep that brown, I want this shit with no seeds
Girl you my thaaaang
And I love the way you stimulate the brain, brain
And it ain't nothin I would change
Compliment you with a little bit of Tangueray, hey
Kray', my nigga let's ante up on a pound
You swoop up Wish and I'm a swoop up B
We can have this Thugs night on the town (town)
Let's blow this one for Flesh, fo'sho'
It's the niggaz night out, the niggaz night out, y'know
Hurry up and twist one, pass it on so I can hit one
And none of you busta niggaz can't get none
Smokin hydroponics, got it mixed with Indonesias
So high right about now I'm thinkin I caught amnesia
But reefer really makes me happy, happy, happy
I wanna roll up some mo'


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