Bobby Bare - Dialog 11 Lyrics

Lot of em gettin' hungry if things don't tighten up
Looks like it
Five of us three kids my wife and I
Anybody else
Sort of rough
I don't know
It may be like it was in thrirty-two when I was a child
That's the way it seems like it's going to be to me
So I worked out of Atlanta for my brother
And of course they told him they didn't have no work for him
So he had to lay me off
I got three girls and one boy
I got one sixteen and one tweůve and eleven and nine
All of em's in school
You know it makes it kind of rough
They's a bunch
This is the first time I've ever you know went through this
I been employed there ever since 60
I don't have any family well I just know I got laid off
This is my first time I don't know much about it
Well I think this is just part of it I mean to expect
Cause we make parts for cars and stuff you know
Refrigerators and everything
Well just about all the employees of the company
What are they gonna do
I guess they're gonna come over here and get in line

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