Bobby Bare - Opening Dialog Lyrics

"...See it everywhere you look all up and down the road -
homes for sale, furniture for sale, people for sale. Talk to the people...
listen to them... men out of work... prices out of sight...
buy a piece of pie and a cup of coffee... look at the cook...
listen to the waitress... pay 84c leave her a tip...
try to buy a piece of gum with what's left... listen to the president...
things will be better... six more months. Read the papers -
unemployment up again, food prices up again, soap 33c a bar,
stay dirty... read the sport section... pretend it will all go away...
listen to the new president... things will be better.
GM lays off 8,000 more, sugar $4,00 a 5 pound bag...
listen to the people... I remember back in '31... just like the last time...
people would line up... waited all day long for...
but it's not going to be like the last time...
nothing is ever like the last time. These aren't the same people,
they're not gonna stand in a law-abiding line, they're not gonna wait,
they're not gonna believe who can they believe.
As the guy said in the grocery store things can just get so high
then it's all gotta come down to place else for it to go
so it's all coming down... what do we do about it?
An album of songs? Big deal. We aren't gonna sing our
way through this one, make the people aware? Hell the people
are aware. Milk is 93c a half a gallon. The people are
damned well aware anyway. Bobby and I decided to do
this album we talked to some people. We heard some
stories, here they are. The songs, the stories, the people telling.
Here it is. We don't know if it will do any good, how do
you sing your way through this one..." - Shel Silverstein, April 1975 -

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