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LIL WAYNE - Its Time To Give Me Mine Lyrics

Been Running For To Long
Time To Time To Gimme Mine

I'm So Far Ahead Man!

What They Talking Bout Fee They ain't Saying Shit
It Could Weak A Whole Court Like Stan Smith
Or Judge Judy
You Niggaz Betta Shoot Me
'Cause I Bought My Manz A Glock N I Bought Myself A Uzi
Don't Confuse Me, No They don't Amuse Me
I Come After Da Money, Like Wednesday Come After Tuesday
I Told Stunna I'm Wild'n, He Say don't Worry I Got Ya
He Told Me Cut Da Headz Off N Bring Em Back To PaPa
Yea, Dem Niggaz Getting Scuured, Word
All Dat Talking Just A Whole Bunch Of Verb
Pussy Ass Nigga Got A Whole Bunch Of Nerve
I Have Em Put Yo Picture On A Whole Bunch Of Shirtz
I Smoke A Lotta Of Weed N Drink A Whole Bunch Of Syrup
I Like Brain So I Fuckz Wit A Whole Bunch Of Nerdz
Heh, I Am Number 1
'Cause 2 Is Not A Winner N No one Remeberz Third

Been Running For To Long
Time To Time To Gimme Mine(2x)

Wizzle F. Baby, Yea (Bitch!)
See Money Is Da Topic Baby
See I'm A Giant All Theze Otha Niggaz Mocking Baby
They Microscopic Baby
Big Crib I can't Even Hear Em Knocking Baby
Headed To Da Top Like I'm Tied To A Rocket Baby
To All Da Foreign Woman Letz Make A Tropic Baby
I Got So Many Bitchez I Could Make A Combilation
I'd Like To Thank Da Haterz For Yo Co-Operation
I Got Dat Doctor Shepherd, Give You An Operation
Nigga This Is My Crusaders Kill For Confromation
We All Got On Masks, We Bout To Toxic Waste Em
I Hope They Momma Raised Em 'Cause They Got Bitch Wayz
If They don't Pay For Ya, They Get Ya Back Dead
Real Talk Stop Walking On Ya Back Legz
Step Into The Lime Light Bullshit Backstage
I Used To Tote A 32 Up In My Crack Dayz
I Tote Dat Ak-47 In My Rap Dayz

Been Running For To Long
Time To Time To Gimme Mine

I'm Comin
Wizzle F. Baby Bitch! Yea!
Come And Get It
Anyone Can Get It
But Since I'm Da President I'll Be A Lil More Politic
I'm Chillin In Clinic
'Cause Datz How Many Nurses I Got Working On My Dizzick
Snakes In Da Grass Ratz, Lizardz
But Round Here Snitchez don't Exist Like Wizards
Hoe This ain't Punch, I'm Sipping On Some Sizzurp
I Role A Fat Joint N Do My Fingerz Like Scissorz
Da Game So Cold I Done Had My Share Of Blizzardz
But Now I Got Dat Big Money Running Like Riverz Nigga
I'm Hear To Get My Shit Straight Burna On Da Hip Waist
Leave A Nigga Street Full Of Bonez Like A Fish Plate
Yea I'm From Da Hood But Now I'm Living In A Rich Way
Swear I Got On My Kneez N Thanked GOD For This Day
So Say What You Wanna Say
I Need To Throw A Cup Of Water In My Face
1st Place! I...

Been Running For To Long
Time To Time To Gimme Mine

Thanks to Jontrey Steemer A.K.A Kid Kassidy for these lyrics

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