Britney Spears - Toy Soldier Lyrics

Yea smash on the radio bet i pend it ?
Break me off
Toy soldier (break me off)
break me off
toy soldier(break me off) x2

Im out the door
Its automatic
simple babe?
(You know you wanna give it to me)
Im like a flyer
Bottle bustin' in your face
(I know you wanna give to me)
So tired of it being up in my space
(Watcha gonna do with it)
How much more could i take
Im tired of privates driving
need a general that aint me
When i shut the door leaving with my bag
Hit the scene in my new wagon
Bet He gonna wish he knew
the type a fun I'm gettin' into
Peek-A-Boo He good
doing things you wish you could
He's not talking He's just walking
Like them city boys from New York

This time I need A soldier
A really bad ass soldier
Gotta know how to take take care of me
I'm so damn glad thats over
I need a soldier
sick of toy soldier
Need a boy that knows how to take care of me
Won't be just coming over
I don't want no more(toy soldiers)
I'm simply sick and tired of those
(toy soldiers)
I don't want no more (toy soldiers)
I'm freaking sick and tired of those
(toy soldiers)


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