Zac Efron - Work This Out Lyrics

how did we get from the top of the world to the bottom of the heap
i don't recall you mentioning the boss was such a creep, we still have the ingredients to make this summer sweet,
well, i rags instead of riches and all these dirty dishes, just wish i had three wishes. (come on guys break it up)


you've got to work, work, work this out to make things right the sun will shine if we work, work there be no doubt we can still save the summer if we work this out.

(dude, what have you got us in to)

(c'mon we can totally work this out)

i'd rather face a seven footer strait up in the post, that sure beats hanging he and burning someones toast, i need a benjamin but this aint worth the stress, maybe there a better way to fix this greasy mess.

We'r a champion team a well oiled machine and weave faced tougher problems than this i no its not right but im sure we can find a way we can have fun while we get this job done


(lets work it)

tell me what you want tell me what you nedd a little bit of sugar, little bit of butter makes the perfect recipe PAYDAY it'l be so sweet PAYDAY good enough to eat

gotta make some motion pictures
hit the mall with all my sisters
get a ticket to the next ansisters
kick it with the music mixers
buy a ride that suits my style
lounge round the pool awhile
make a dat with my favorite girl



work this, gotta work this

we can work this out!!


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