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Flame - Bad Ain't Good Lyrics

Why is it... why is it... why is it... why is it
Everything that's bad for you bad for you bad for you
Why does it make you feel so good?
Everything that's bad for you bad for you bad for you
Why does it make you feel so good?
Everything that's bad for you bad for you bad for you
The love of money, sex, power, murder, fortune,
Everything that's bad for you bad for you bad for you
Why does it make you feel so good?

Man I knew I was tripping
But it felt right
It tasted so good
Forget my health right
He made me so mad
I just had to hit him
Took vengeances on my own
I just had to get him
I know this is illegal
But I gotta make Guac
To take care of my people
If it means ducking from cops
I know that car ain't mine
But I wanna joy ride
Feel like hurting somebody
Every since my boy died
See I ain't wanna lie
But I ain't wanna get caught
I push it to the limit
Just like Rick Ross
I shouldn't have stole that money
But hey I was broke
Get a 9 to 5?
Nah, I'd rather sell dope
Could be a better father
But I like to hit the clubs
Plus my baby momma
She know what's up
I need to stop drinking
I need to stop smoking
Just pass me that bottle
Go ahead and roll up

Ay this what the ladies be like man...

Who she staring at
Girl she ain't looking at me
Let her say something
And her shoes ugly
I wanna go to college
But I can't pay my tuition
Can't do fast food
Guess I'm resulting to stripping
Could be a better momma but I like to hit the clubs
Plus my baby's father
Yea he know what's up
Drinking while I'm pregnant
Girl just pass me that bottle
I know I need to stop
Guess I'll just start it tomorrow
He ain't that fine
But he be making that money
So I'ma give him some
Because I hate being lonely
Plus my kids hungry
And I like to shop
I don't even like this dude
I know I need to stop
I know I told her business
But she made me mad
She supposed to be religious
Sleeping with a baby dad
So I cursed her out
Yup, and I told her momma
Girl I'm crazy
I'm always starting drama

The Bible calls it sin
You see that's our nature
It's like a pig in a pin
They'll pass a steak up
Just to eat slop
Cause that's what pigs eat
And see we pig people
So we like seeing meat
That's why we run to wrong
Because it feels right
Sin's got our mind gone
We break through this omen through Christ
See it's got our affections and it's got our desires
The more we run into sin it's like fueling the fire
And just like a fire
It's never satisfied
And it's been burning everything around since Adam died
When he ate from the fruit
In the garden of Eden
Genesis 3, but we get a pardon through Jesus
John 3:16 is the heart of this freedom
See those are Bible chapters
I pray to God that you read them
Trust me, while you still in the hood
You can get made right and wrong won't keep feeling good

Thanks to amy brooklyn for these lyrics

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2013-01-16 15:29:05 by anonymous
LFMAO shake that do do dodo dyi di do dyi di do do do shake that.
2013-01-16 15:25:46 by anonymous
. ..... .... .. ....... ..... .. .... .... ..... .... ..... .. ... ... .. ...... my coment in grail.
2013-01-16 15:24:20 by anonymous
Cooooll B)