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J. HOLIDAY - Betcha Never Had Lyrics

Body Like A Mutha Fucka,Damn Baby U
Ridin Like A Vet Trucker,Hold Up What U Say
I'll Be Pleasin You U'll Be Pleasin Me
Promise Me U'll Stay Here And Never Leave Me
But Hold Up Let Me Say Somethin,Pretty Mamma Thang
Why Am I Gonna Tell You Somethin,That I Dont Mean
Cuz We In The Heat Of The Moment,Ima Give U The Biz B4 I Came To The House I Told U
Dont Be Catchin Fellins

I Cann Tell You Never Had
A Nigga This Young Put It On Ya
Askin Why I Wint Stay The Night,And Hold Ya
I Can Tell You Never Had
A Young Nigga Take The Cat,From Ya
Then Say I Say I Cant Staygot
Something Eles To Tend To
I Can Tell You Aint Never Had It Had It Had It

Now Why You Gotta Make This
A Situation
You Met The Kid And Decided
That U Wanted To Dig In
When I Said U Agreed That It
Wouldnt Be No Static
Yes I Promise To Heat It Up
Take It Down South Girl And Eat It Up
Inever Agreed To Have Chains On Me
When It Came To Leave

Damn I Cant Lie,I Know
U Got Skill Babe,U Want Us To Be Close
But Im Not Ready To Let Go
Of Bein Free To Lay My Head
Where I Fell Like
Girl,I Told You Once B4 So Just
Can You Understand


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