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Family Guy - Cherrywood Estate Song Lyrics

HK: We only live to kiss your ass.
B: Kiss it? Why, we'll even wipe it for you.
HK: From here on in it's easy street
P: Any bars on that street?
B: Twenty four happy hours a day!
P: Oh boy!
HK: We'll stop Jehovas at the gate.
B: Can I see that pamphlet sir?
J: Ow.
P: My God this house is freakin' sweet.

Chef 1: I make brunch...
Chef 2: Clyde cooks lunch...
Chef 1&2: Each and every day..
Chef 3: Chocolate cake a la blake!
P: Hundred bucks blake is gay...

HK: We'll do the best we can with Meg.
M: Are you saying I'm ugly?
M: It doesn't matter dear you're rich now.

HK: We'll do your nails and rub your feet.
L: Oh that's not necces- ooooh my..

HK: We'll do your homework every night.
C: It's really hard.
B: That's why we've got that Stephen Hawkings guy.
P: My God this house is freakin' sweet..

P: Used to pass lots of gas; Lois ran away. Now we've got 30 rooms..
Hello beans.. good bye spraaaaaaaaaay.

HK: We'd take a bullet just for you.
S: Oh, what a coinicidence, I've got one.
L: Stewie..

HK: Prepare to suck that golden teat..
Now that you're stinking rich, we'll gladly be your bitch..

P: My God this house is
HK&P: freakin' sweet...
HK: Welcome!

M: That's a wrap people. Now let's get the hell outta here.
P: Hey wait a second...where you goin'?
M: The old bag only paid us up for the song.
L: Well we can just pick up after ourselves. After all we'll only be here
on weekends.
P: Uh no Lois, it's time you started livin' like the pieceashmit(piece of shmit)
you are.
L: That's Pewterschmit.
P: Wait, wait, wait you guys, you guys...you're all hired to be full time
Griffin servants.
L: Peter where are we gonna get the money to pay all these people?
P: Simple...I....uh...sold our house in Quahog.
L: You sold our home?
P: Surprise..
L: Peter, how could you?
P: Whoops...I recognize that tone. Tonight i sleep alone, but still this
HK&P: house is freeeeeaaaakin' sweet.

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