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BEASTIE BOYS - I Can't Think Straight Lyrics

I can't think straight

Take a looklook at me
What you get is what you see
Ride a bike drive a car
Vegan pie cut a fart
On the bus on the train
Tami d on the brain
Can't explain like the who
Now it's time to do the do
I can't think straight

On my couch with a pen
Where's the phone again again
Can't control rhythm rhyme
Naked beats on the mind

Goodevening ladies
My name is roy cormier I like it smooth terribly.
I meana lot of fellasthey like it raw.
PersonallyI prefer smoothyou knowlike the coconut lotion
I'm talkin' I run a lot of productions company productions
Keepin' it on the smoothgenerally. on the coconutand uh
You know with the coconut lotion and allkeeping it lovelyit's uh
You knownothing but lovebaby baby

I am yes you are no
I am yes you are no
You are no I am yes
I can't think straight

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