J. HOLIDAY - Come Here Lyrics

Ay Girl How U Doin What Ya Name Is
Kinda Like A Model Of Somebody Famous
Wheres That Nigga That You Came Wit
If You Here Alone Baby We Gon Have To Change Dis
Cuz U Sexy Then A Motha Fucka
To Get To Know Ya Girl I Really Love Ta (Tonight)
Get To Show U A Good Time
N Get It Crackin Wit A Slow Grind

Dayum Shawty U Look Sexy As Hell N Now U Grindin N U Dont Kno Wut It Does To Me Ill Put My Hand Right Here N Grab Your Booty Right There Baby Dont B Scared Come On Come Here Come Here I Kno U Wanna Come Closer Come Here Come Here I Want U Closer N Closer

Got Me Feelin Dis As We Bumpin N Grindin To Some R Kelly Shit
And Im Feelin Good Cuz U Breakin It Down Like U Dont Kno Who U Really Messin Wit
I Wanna Pull U Close To Me
Put My Hands On Ur Booty
I Wanna Shaw U A Good Time
N Pop It Off Wit A Slow Grind

(I Kno U Want To Get Closer)
This Is For All My Sexy Ladies I Been Watchin U Baby N I Really Wanna Dance Wit You (And You) And You (And You) N You Too So Many Here For Me To Choose From Its Hard For Me To Choose One You Dont Kno What It Done To Me But I Choose U Baby U Baby


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