Mygrain - Darkbound Lyrics

Darkbound - awaken beyond...
Will I see my sorrow, tomorrow, alone?
Invisible dark - the omniscient comfort
Burning inside forever long

Reflecting realm of the dead in your eyes
Washing away with drawing tide
Bourn of eternity bringing on
The sleepwalker of daytime glow

Bring me the haunting game of pain
Let me feel the fierce again
'Cause my soul if deluging rage
Burbling languor the create
Entering my devilry dreams
Into your (for)Godden streams
The endless fences guard my patio
Feeling tense around your halo

Have you ever seen the lines so thin?
When the night is empty like a hollow space
Have you ever solved the haze within?
When it's written in scars it won't fade away

Grace of our disobedient time
Makes us bow when we are next in line
As the moon leaves its perfect shade
The lines go thin and I fade away

Angel dust to fill the vacuity
Blow the rust of your fantasy
Divine the lust beyond the bright side
Shut the lights 'cause it is snow fuckin' white
Building the castle of your beliefs
It lies in the edge of your every word
Its spark sucking the tragedy
Darkbound in the end of our mystery

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