Crabb Family - Lover Of My Soul Lyrics

Verse I:

Hear my cry oh, Lord
Hide not thine face from me
In the midst of all my trials
You're the only truth I see
I know, that without you I'd fall
But with you I can conquer it all


You're the lover of my soul
To you I'll sing
All the praise that's in my heart
To you I'll bring
I'll lift up holy hands
To give you the glory

Verse II:

You're the reason that I live
Hallelujah to your name
We give you all the honor
Let the whole world proclaim
You are the truth and the way
That is why forever I'll say

Repeat Chorus


Won't let no rocks cry out in my place
I'm gonna praise youf or the rest of my days

Aaron Crabb/ Justin Rivers

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