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Crabb Family - Living Out The Dream Lyrics

Verse I
We said goodbye to family and friends
To journey places we had never been
So unsure of where the road would lead
With a solid faith that God would meet our needs
Sometimes we grew weary, tired and cold
But, we were called, and we knew we must go
God-given songs that we knew we must sing
What a joy it's been living out the dream

Soon the voyage will be over and we'll cross that final span
The good and faithful shepherd will gather all his lambs
He will lead us to still waters and pastures oh so green
What a joy it's been living out the dream

Verse II
Like a traveling pilgrim with a destiny
Headed for a place we've never seen
We've made a host of dear friends on the way
A lot of tears and joy, many prayers we've prayed
One day we will reach our journey's end
We'll say goodbye to sorrow pain and sin
Though many miles yesterday it seems
That we set our sails living out the dream

Words and Music by Gerald Crabb

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