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Crabb Family - I'll Not Fear The Crossing Lyrics

Verse I
I stood by her bedside and held to her hand, with heaven just one breath away
"Child, you must promise, you'll meet me up yonder, where life will not fad or decay"
She said "I hear angels, with their welcome song, I know that my parting is nigh"
With a smile on her face and a soft gentle voice I heard my sweet mother reply

"I'll not fear the crossing, for it leads me to home
I'll lay down these burdens that I've carried so long
Death will be conquered, we'll sing a new song
I'll not fear the crossing for it leads me to home"

Verse II
She taught me of Jesus when I was a child, her lifestyle showed me the way
When life brought us heartache and burdens got heavy
All night you could hear mother pray
As her health was failing and steps became slow, her faith never weakened or swayed
She said "Child, don't worry it's part of the journey we'll all have to make it someday"

Words and Music by Gerald Crabb

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