Kjwan - Invitation Lyrics

I bet you didnÂ’t think
That you would find me here alone
A secret voice that calls to you from your phone
WhatÂ’cha gonna do now that I am home

YouÂ’ll never be alone again.

DonÂ’t run.
Cause if you do, youÂ’ll only propagate the fun
ItÂ’s funny how youÂ’re heading to the sun
Ill watch you burn your skin and scream out my name

Youll never be alone again

Mirrors on your walls are cracked
I can see you now
Images reflect in shards
I can make you out

Shadow rises on a star
I can make it shine
But when I start to close my eyes
You never felt the same

Are you scared?

IÂ’m wishing that you werenÂ’t
Cause I wont dare rip and desecrate
All that I hold dear
A special fallen angel I revere

Youll never be alone again

So inviting Â…

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