Crabb Family - Wounded Soldier Lyrics

Verse 1:
Lord, my battle scars are many and my medals must be few
For in the midst of conflict raging, so often I've failed You
But somehow You've kept me standing, You picked me up each time I'd fall
You don't cast out wounded soldiers, You just love them through it all

One day all the soldiers will go home
They'll cease fighting, for the battle will be won
As the Captain says, "Well done, you've fought the fight, the race is run
Wounded soldier, the war is over, welcome home

Verse 2:
In my heart I am a victor, yet at times the flesh is weak
So often I have begged Your grace lest I go down in defeat
It's then I recall that battle that was fought by You alone
As Your blood ran from that rugged cross, our victories were won

(Repeat Chorus)

Words and Music by Gerald Crabb

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