J. HOLIDAY - New York Girl Lyrics

What Yo At Gurl?(Newyork Baby)
What Kind A Gurl R U?(Newyork Baby)
Where U Like To Shop?(Newyork Baby)
Where You At Dude?(Newyork Baby)
What Kind A Dude R U?(Newyork Baby)
Where U Like Tu Shop?(Haha Newyork Baby)

Okey,Lets Get Dis Shit Straight Off Bat.
Ima Newyorker Even Got My Own Pad.
If Ima Newyorker She A Newyorker.
Aight,But First I Got Ta But Down A Dalla
Haha,Im Might Just Halla!Ima Biatch From N.W.Y
Dats Y I Fly,Im So Hi,Dis Bitch Aint Neva Gone Stop
Liven,H-Town,Ima Chillin.Aight Holiday Im Tru Ur Turn
Round Too?


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