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Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Official Remix) Lyrics

La,la,la,la, Wait 'till I get my money right.
(87 32 that's the way it go, Kanye and Jizzle say it ain't so)
Woah oh oh oh oh!

If I had a billion dollars (yeah), I'd spend it all today
show these niggas how to play.
Top floor penthouse show 'em where I stay.
Grand piano, might learn to play.
Pay a hundred grand just to walk past it errday.
You know i like them white keys on it.
Duct tape when we rap 'em,
call me prejudice, cause i never touch the black ones (keys that is, haha).
Lemme show you how to do this shawty, hit the strip club
and I blew 'bout 40 (damn). The strobe got me so confused,
then I stumbled outside and I made the news.
Fresh 9 piece, yeah them wings is cajun,
ever seen me in the kitchen nigga? I am amazing.
Well fuck it I'm rich then, if ballin' is a crime, fuck it
I'm hit then. If thuggin' is a term, fuck it I'm it then.
That insane dough, aye, fuck it I'm sick then.
Somebody call me a shrink, unitl then imma fix me a drink.
Top down in the venom, so intoxicating.
Sometimes I think to myself, goddamn I made it.
And I know they hate it.
On an all night flight tryin'a get my money right wussup.

La,la,la,la, wait 'till I get my money right.

La,la,la,la, then you can't tell me nothin' right?

Excuse me, is you saying somethin'? uh uh, you can't tell me nothin'
(haha) you can't tell me nothin', uh uh, you can't tell me nothin'

Yeah homie, dis a theme song.
first I get my money right, then i get my team on.
If I always prayed to have gleam on, $300 dollar jeans on,
do that mean I dream wrong?
And I was high as a lear jet, fly as the insect, even though we in debt.
And it don't matter if I get a number cause,
once I get my money right, she gone come runnin'.
And I'll be good like god with a extra O.
God knows that my check needs some extra 0's.
And You know you need to bring some extra hoes,
not in joggin' pants niether tell 'em wear some sexy clothes.
man my game so professional.
And my chain so fresh they go, (oh oh oh oh)
But after the fame did you gain anything? damn 'ye,
did you change anything? well, "If I had a billion dollars"
I'd cop more pink polos and pop those collars.
Misery need company her nickname sorrow,
my Benz need company her nickname Tahoe.
Wait 'till I get my money, everybody motto.
So imma need a bravo for everything that I wrote.
Hey mama they can't hate 'em, 'cause after all of the drama,
Kay slayed 'em.

Repeat Chorus ^

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