CROWDED HOUSE - Whispers & Moans Lyrics

Dull, dull greyThe colour of our timesCool, cool spaceThat I still hope to findFar beyond the veilThe sound of whispers and moansSlow, time bombThe clamour of the streetI hear this townIt never goes to sleepAnd I will catch the taxi driverWeeping like a wounded beastThen I wake up in your roomTo share one piece of your lifeWhen tomorrow comes we may not be here at allWithout your whispers and moans'cos here you come to carry me homeHere you come to carry me homeLove that soundTime eraseTension wheelsCool heelsWon't ya come on open the bid 'fore too longThen I wake up in your roomTo share one piece of your lifeI'd give anything to be a fly upon the wallAnd hear your whispers and moansI'd like to hear your whispers and moansHere you come to carry meWe are the mirrorsAre the mirrors of each other in a lifetime of suspicionCleansed in a moment of recognitionYou gave your life for itWorth it's weight in goldAnd growing empires and art collectorsAnd alans sound investmentsWill one day be forgottenOne day be forgotten, yeah

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