CROWDED HOUSE - I Walk Away Lyrics

You cameOut of this world to meMy lifeParted like the red seaWe flowedEasy between the rocks and stonesNever seemed to stop usThe yearsEnded in confusionDon't ask me I don't know what happenedBut I amA man with a missionMust be the devil I don't knowIt's hard to let goOf all that we knowAs I walk away from youHurled from my homeInto the unknownAs I walk away from youReveal whatever you desireTo you it may be death defyingBlack dayIn the coldness of winterBlack wordsSlipping off my tongueI say forget it - it's overAs a dark cloud covered up the sunIt's hard to let goOf all that we knowAs I walk away from youThe sun always setsWith room for regretsAs I walk away from youGive it to meGive it to meYour inspirationGive to receiveFind all we needAs I walk awayJust a slave to ambitionTension your permanent conditionSo much you've always wantedToo much given' you a sore head

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