Vanilla Ice - Roll 'em Up Lyrics

[Chorus x8]
Roll 'em up, roll up the hooty mac, rollem up
Roll 'em up, roll 'em up, roll 'em up..

[Verse 1]
I need some herbs and spices
So I can feel nices
The breeze, coolin like a summer tree
Cause it's the I-C-E and you know I got the feel it
I score it, and I ain't gotta steal it
So bring on the sack that's phat
And ya know I love my is izm and the 1.5
Cuz I get with 'em
Everytime I get a little hit of the ummm
The skunk, And the funk feels good to my lungs
Fire, Fire, The izm is my desire
And I need to get it quick cause it's callin me
Come and roll me up please I-C-E
Light the hooty mac, So we can start the par-ty
You know I smoke good stuff, So go and get the bong
Bong - Biggedy bong, Once again you know it's on - huh
You feel it, You feel it, You want it, You want it
Roll it, Roll it, Lick it - Now hit it

[Chorus x8]

[Verse 2]
You see everytime I wake up, I got to clear my head
But I clear it with cess, Cause it goes with my dreds
And I can't stand to run out, Cause if you do I get illy
Never get silly, So pass me the philly
Blunt, and no I don't front like Zero
Who wears a chronic hat but always says no
But I say yes, and I get it off my chest
Bring the bo, bring the skunk, and I hit the phunky cess
Check it, You ain't gotta test it
It's the mad bomb and I've already blessed it
Checka 1-2, Tell me how ya do
When you hear the dirty budda when the buzz comes through
I ain't tryin to front, Cause I'm gettin' what I want
Take a chunk of the funk, leave the sack in my trunk
Yeah, You feel it, You feel it, You want it, You want it
Roll it, Roll it, Lick it - Now hit it

[Chorus x8]

Roll 'em up the hooty mac, That what I said
Now tell me how you feelin'
Don't it feel good enought to jump and touch the ceiling
It's on, It's on, I feel it comin on
It's good to the bone, Cause the buzz is real strong
Even though I can not stand it, But I recommend it
Especially when ya sick with a cold, so spend it
You know that twenty dollars that you've saved Throughout the week?
If you're a non smoker, Then please don't try to speak
The plan, The plan, Ya know I've got a plan
Squirrels got the goods, Now tell me whos the man
But not really the man that you call when you want it
Ya know I stay legit, and I've got to stay up on it
On and On Yo, Give me a ho [Ho!]
And ask me what I want to do, then I'll let you know
You feel it, you feel it, you want it, you want it
Roll it, roll it, lick it - now hit it

[Chorus x8]

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