504 BOYZ

504 BOYZ - D-game lyrics

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[krazy]<br>Nigga this motherfuckin 504 shit deep<br>The south done hooked up with the east baby<br>The colonel master p, terror, and I am krazy<br>I'm thugged out feel it<br><br>[chorus]<br>Wuz up playah ya' slick with that<br>Hundred g chain with the bracelet to match<br>Well check this out here wodie lay on the ground<br>For I show your clown ass how these hot balls sound, they goin'<br><br>Click click blouh blouh click click blouh<br>Click click blouh blouh click click blouh<br>Click click blouh blouh click click blouh<br>Click click blouh blouh that's my style<br><br>[terror]<br>Problem with terror take it straight to gun<br>So we can keep it coporate give up your block and run<br>Too much paper here to try an' count by ones<br>Whole head cross me, our hollow wall is young<br>For you haters on the streets tryin to measure my blow<br>If you see the new whip know to add nine o's<br>Now I'm up to 2 bricks or 72 o's<br>If you counting by the whips then it's 8 different flopes<br>I'm heavy lover whether diamonds or broads<br>Heavy lover whether cocaine or cars<br>And what I hop in, it's my option<br>To shift your mass put chronic in your dash<br><br>[chorus]<br><br>[master p]<br>Now if it's on put the dope in the bag baby<br>You come short I'm gon' bust yo' ass baby<br>The neighborhood dope man fool yeah that's me<br>I'm out that 5-0-4 to that c-p-3<br>Give me an ounce and I'm gon flip it to a brick nigga<br>You got my scratch--you snitch then you a bitch nigga<br>Hit the pen you probably gon' be a missed nigga<br>So here's some prop for your motherfuckin tiss nigga<br><br>[krazy]<br>Imagine all the bricks in the projects was made of cocaine<br>I'd be richest young nigga in this rap game<br>All my money come in arm of trucks<br>More cars more houses more hoes to fuck<br>You wasn't worried when I was local nigga, I'm world wide<br>You niggas can't take it, you petrified<br>The let me loose out that I reveal, thuggin wit p<br>It's no limit until I die y'all can't fuck wit me<br><br>[chorus]

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