504 BOYZ

504 BOYZ - D-Boys lyrics

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(feat. Hallelujah, Rowdy, Playa)


Whats happening lil' one

What's happening....P just dropped that work off on me ya heard me

I know y'all hungry, come holla at ya boy

It's all gravy ya heard me

[Hook x2: Halleluyah]

[See I'm a] certified D-Boy, servin' all the fiends

Got onions, got slabs, got cookies, got creams

I'm a certified D-Boy heavy on the Ave.

Got the hood on lock, keep the block on smash

[Verse 1: Halleluyah]

Now I was born in it, got the hustler inside of me

See I'm gone get it through drug trade or robbery

Streets I'm committed like a grown man'll prolly be

Walk down the aisle with gun shells that follow me

But I'm a prop like the Fortune 500

Got stacks in my pocket man I'm tossing out hundreds (Tossing out hundreds)

I see the corner boys holler out I'm coming

A quarter's 150 you could flip for 600

[Yea Yea] that's real hustling

Ain't nobody struggling my nigga we getting money (Getting money)

[Yea Yea] we in the gutter but we found a way to come up off of dimes and twenty's

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Rowdy]

This block living gotta nigga strapped

Going back and forth to my stash

Making sure my shit still stashed

It's 'round my way fiends be all in the grass

Looking for boulders anything they seeing they smoking

Ain't none of that, bitch all your fronts get cracked

With the back of the gat, out'cha one full of that gat

Gotta watch out for them niggaz that be pulling off jacks

Jumping out the stolen ride dressed down in all black

[Ok] ready to attack any nigga who ain't looking like uppin'

And fuck it then nigga cop back and bust his shit

Must of been material things that's more important to him

It don't matter, nigga fucked around and put spot thru him

Knot the hole thru him you know how they do him

Stomach hurting form they habbits, now they coming to do ya

Pursue you like a short term goal it's necessary

That's why a nigga like me be on my post with them 2's for him

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Playa]

Time I catch a fake nigga, I'm a size him up, like

Where the money, where the dope, bitch give it up

If I think of one second that ya tryna' press ya luck

I'm slinging 'em out the chamber with 2 clips to ya gut

My family gotta eat and my pockets full of dust

So bitch niggaz get ready for the bum rush

From the 3 to the East, I'm lurkin' (I'm lurkin')

With a bunch of hungry niggaz on the line and they working

Thank it's a game, come on let me catch ya slippin'

Letting ya nuts hang, that 'K' will have ya slipping

My daddy told me make a nigga pay attention

Get the money and the power and the respect and a nigga gettin' some

Dam a quarter key 'll put a nigga on his feet

But I rather lamp down and get me a 100 free

Most niggaz catch it from the blind side

Cause ya dumb enough to stop at red lights and stop signs

[Hook x2]

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